Second Sight TC® Remote Gas Detection System Provides Additional Layer of Plant Protection

Second Sight TC® Remote Gas Detection System Provides Additional Layer of Plant ProtectionThe advanced Second Sight TC Remote Gas Detection System uses high resolution infrared imaging to add another layer of safety to the detection of combustible and toxic gases. It complements our existing fixed gas detection products, helping to protect people, equipment and plant facilities.

Second Sight TC, developed by Bertin Technologies, is designed for ease of use, with a human machine interface (HMI) that permits operators to see target gases in real time as they are detected by the IR camera. A video image displays overlaid levels of gas concentrations to provide a unique picture of gas dispersal. Personnel are able to efficiently address the source of leaks and respond to alarms based on the type of gas and the size, direction, and speed of evolution of the gas cloud. With the HMI, users can deselect areas within the imager’s field of view that are not of interest or may contain potential sources of false alarm.

Second Sight is a gross leak detector that can simultaneously detect multiple gases. It features a wide field of view and a maximum detection range up to 500 m for continuous monitoring of critical areas. Gas cloud imaging allows plants to be run at higher levels of safety, efficiency, and economy through the ability to supervise large areas, identify the gas species when leaks occur, and see gas dilution in the atmosphere in real time. In addition, Second Sight can be integrated into fire and gas panels through Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP.

Second Sight is a low maintenance system. It requires no gas calibration in the field and automatically performs an optical check every 30 minutes that assesses window cleanliness, optical path integrity, optical alignment, and focal plane array position.

A video recorder function allows Second Sight operators to play back alarm events and record current detection, while stored files enable safety personnel to view images and concentration profiles of events as they unfold over time. The ability to store video files improves the management of plant safety records while reducing the time and complexity of the event analysis process, saving time and money while increasing protection.

The reliable, low-maintenance Second Sight System features a long wave infrared (LWIR) camera with a spectral range of 8-14 µm (IR) at a spatial resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The camera has a standard maximum range of 500 m. It can detect methane at 0.1 LEL-m, propylene at 0.1 LEL-m, butane at 0.3 LEL-m, and propane at 0.5 LEL-m. It operates at a temperature range of 14° to 131°F (-10° to 55°C) and humidity range of 0-95% RH, non-condensing.

The flexible Second Sight System detects a broad range of gases and is suitable for multiple applications including chemical plants, compressor stations, gas turbines, LNG/LPG storage, processing and transport, offshore platforms, and refineries.

At General Monitors, our vision is to be a total solution provider by offering integrated, scalable systems that offer diverse layers of protection. Effectiveness in detection is achieved by integrating the sensing equivalents of smelling, seeing, and hearing to detect gas leaks, flames, and other hazardous conditions. By integrating a detection method that mimics the sense of sight, companies stand a better chance to be protected against certain types of hazards.

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Second Sight TC Remote Gas Detection System

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