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Wireless Solutions for Gas & Flame Detection
By Edward Naranjo, Product Manager, General Monitors

Wireless Gas and Flame DetectorsGeneral Monitors is pleased to announce its partnership with ELPRO Technologies (Stafford, Australia) in providing wireless technology and communications for its advanced gas and flame detector product lines, which deliver critical protection to people, equipment, and plants engaged in hazardous industries worldwide.

ELPRO, a subsidiary of the MTL Instruments Group, is a global leader in radio telemetry. The company produces a wide range of industrial wireless products for process and manufacturing applications and remains in the forefront of wireless development. Using ELPRO’s wireless devices and ancillary components, General Monitors now provides secure and reliable wireless communication for its gas and flame detector product lines.

Industrial wireless communication continues to gain acceptance in many process instrumentation and safety applications, as did analog outputs and Modbus communications in decades past. Wireless devices today enable plant managers to deploy detectors in hard-to-access areas or places where the cost of a fully wired installation is prohibitive.

Wireless transmitters and receivers also allow users to combine different protocol devices into a common network. The wireless extension of industrial automation buses (e.g., Ethernet, wireless HART, Profibus) also facilitates the integration of multiple automation local area networks (LANs) in different sections of a plant.

Wireless Technology
The wireless technology approach developed by General Monitors and ELPRO centers on industrial wireless I/O units, gateways, serial modems using license-free and licensed radio bands. These radio telemetry devices are fully integrated, easy to use, easy to configure, and highly reliable. They also incorporate event-driven and peer-to-peer communications diagnostics.

General Monitors' wireless gas and flame detectors will rely on ELPRO’s transceivers, which communicate with each other to control the flow of information. The radio bands chosen are particularly advantageous for instrumentation applications, where high data rates are not required and where good penetration radio performance is a significant operating benefit. Fixed-frequency, license-free and licensed channels in frequency bands are all used, which results in accurate and reliable radio communication.

Radio protocols include security data encryption, multiple addressing levels, error checking, and handshaking, and re-try mechanisms. By relying on radio transceivers, our wireless products are able to listen and check the radio channel before transmitting.

The ELPRO WIB - Wireless Instrumentation Backbone - offers a plant wide wireless network for connecting instrumentation and control signals. The WIB is designed with ELPRO's wireless I/O units and gateways.

Oil and Gas Applications
General Monitors' wireless gas and flame detectors provide a reliable safety monitoring system solution suitable for many applications in the oil and gas industry. Depending on the specific process, plant equipment, and the level of safety required, wireless gas and flame safety monitoring may be considered for the following uses:
Well-head and pump monitoring system
Pipeline pressure, flow, and valve monitoring 
Cathodic protection system monitoring
Leak detection monitoring
Underground gas storage monitoring
Pump/compressor stations

Power Generation
In the electric power generation industry, wireless gas and flame monitoring may be evaluated for the following:
Coal fired power plants
Natural gas turbines

Water Management
Plant and process engineers in the water and wastewater treatment industries may want to consider wireless combustible gas, toxic gas and flame monitoring for the following applications:
Chlorine monitoring
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas detection
Tank monitoring, level and security
Wastewater aeration treatment
Wastewater digester gas treatment

By offering wireless-enabled detection, General Monitors extends its capacity to meet some of the most challenging process safety problems that the oil and gas, power generation, and wastewater industries face today. Lower installation costs and accurate and reliable communication are possible through the use of the appropriate wireless configuration, which provide process and plant engineers with more choices for the deployment of detection equipment.

Learn more about ELPRO wireless solutions.

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