New Point IR Calibration Tools Now Available

Remote Gas Calibrator is now available for the IR400 Infrared Gas Detector We are pleased to announce that a new Remote Gas Calibrator is available for the IR400 Infrared Gas Detector. Since some gases are lighter than air, it is common to install IR gas detectors in ceilings, ducts, and other spaces where gas accumulation occurs. Performing routine maintenance on these devices is often difficult, requiring scaffolding, ladders, or lifts to bring technicians to the detectors. The RGC-IR now makes it a lot easier to calibrate remote mounted infrared gas detectors. It permits users to test and calibrate the IR400 and its predecessor, the IR2100, from as far away as 100 feet (31 meters)! The RGC-IR does not affect sensor response, as evidenced by T50 response times of 6 - 7 seconds and T90 response times of 10 seconds and is suitable for operation at maximum air velocities of 13 meters/second (30 miles/hour).

IR4000 Combustible Gas Detection Calibration DemoIn addition to the RGC-IR, General Monitors is proud to announce the release of its new IR4000 Combustible Gas Detection Calibration Demo. This new five-minute demo provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform gas checks, zero, and calibrate the system's IR400 infrared gas detectors. Users will appreciate the ease with which the simple magnet interface tool can be pulled across the IR4000M Monitor to activate an LED status screen and check the status of the end devices.

A single IR4000M Monitor connects as many as eight remote IR400 detectors into a system configuration. The IR4000M is designed with a unique data concentrator that allows it to read the status of each IR detector with a single command. The IR400s in turn provide early warning when a specified concentration of combustible gas is exceeded. Both the IR400 and IR4000M are certified to CSA, FM, ATEX, and IECEx and have the CE Marking.

Learn more about the RGC-IR
View the IR4000 Combustible Gas Detection Calibration Demo

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