Next Generation Highly Reliable
H2S & Combustible Gas Monitors

New gas monitors
Process and plant engineers concerned about protecting people and equipment from the dangers of hydrogen sulfide and combustible gases will find our next generation H2S and Combustible Gas Monitors offer highly reliable continuous gas monitoring with adjustment free calibration, large easy-to-read LCD status displays and a wide variety of relay options. These new monitors differ from their predecessors by offering an auto-calibration feature (no more pot tweekers) and a digital display!

The monitors feature a digital LCD display along with LED indicators to provide a visual indication of alarm, fault and status. A wide variety of relay options are offered with these monitors to meet your specific requirements. Mode and reset buttons are provided for local control by plant technicians.

Calibration is simple and adjustment free with this new design, which reduces maintenance time. Simply press the mode button until the CAL LED becomes steady and let go. The unit will automatically go to the zero portion of the calibration procedure and 30-90 seconds later the display changes to AC to begin the span portion of the calibration process. After applying gas to the sensor; the monitor changes to CP to let you know calibration is in progress and that the sensor sees the gas. When the display shows CC – calibration is complete!

Designed for use in rugged or dirty environments, the new controllers support a wide range of oil/gas applications, including production, refining, distribution and storage. They also find extensive use within chemical processing plants where they support the production of various automotive fluids, plastics, paints and solvents. Other applications include gas turbines for electric power generation and sewage treatment plants.

Designed with precision microelectronics and continuous diffusion gas sensors, our Combustible Gas Monitors rely on catalytic bead sensing technology and our H2S Gas Monitors feature solid-state MOS sensing technology. They both provide stable operation over wide ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

Combustible Gas Monitors
The Models 480A (single-channel), 580A (dual-channel) and 610A (quad-channel) monitors are designed for continuous detection of combustible gas concentrations in the 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit) and are factory calibrated to a particular gas or vapor.

Data sheets for each model are available for download:
480A Data Sheet (single channel)
580A Data Sheet (dual channel)
610A Data Sheet (quad channel)

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitors
The new single channel Model 2180A and quad channel Model 2280A Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitors detect dangerous gas levels in the ppm (parts per million) range. Detection ranges available are 0-20 ppm, 0-50 ppm and 0-100 ppm. With advanced microprocessor-based electronics, they feature low power consumption to reduce energy consumption and overall plant operating costs.

Data sheets for each model are available for download:
Model 2180A (single channel)
Model 2280A (dual channel)

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