New NFPA 72 Compliant Fire & Gas Monitoring System
By Frank Dagerman, Director Systems

HazardWatch Fire and Gas System (FGS)
The new NFPA-72 compliant HazardWatch™ Integrated Fire & Gas Detection System from General Monitors sets a new industry standard for highly intelligent safety monitoring solutions. Its design helps process and plant engineers protect their operations, equipment and staff from fire and combustible gases while meeting the world’s most demanding safety standards.

There are many hazardous industries where the presence of combustible, flammable and toxic gases and vapors is an every-day potential threat to people and equipment. These types of facilities, with their mission-critical operating environment, require advanced safety monitoring systems that provide hazard detection and mitigation with both high reliability and high availability.

To help prevent accidents, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) developed its NFPA 72 standard, which is an ANSI approved document. It sets standards for fire alarm components and systems, including initiation devices like smoke and flame detectors, audible and visible alarms and monitoring systems. This standard covers systems design, equipment application, installation, location, performance and maintenance.

With decades of experience in safety monitoring, General Monitors offers a broad array of fire and gas monitoring systems and components including modular flame and gas detectors that are third party certified to a variety of world safety standards including NFPA 72. The requirements of NFPA that apply to our products include:
NFPA compliant alarm monitoring and display using a
  touch screen color graphic user interface
Field device monitoring for open circuit, short-to-ground
  and wire-to-wire short circuit
Power supply monitoring
Battery back-up of system power requirements
Ground fault detection

New HazardWatch Integrated Fire & Gas Detection System

Offering intelligence, flexibility and reliability, the HazardWatch System’s controller, hardware configuration and software have been tested and certified by Factory Mutual to verify NFPA 72 compliance. The scope of the FM approval includes certification of HazardWatch as a local protective fire alarm panel and gas controller, and releasing control panel. FM certification extends to the fault tolerant digital communication network (HazardNet) and the Proprietary Central Station capable of monitoring status of up to 13 local HazardWatch local panels.

HazardWatch is an innovative, modular system that combines highly reliable Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ programmable logic controller (PLC) technology from Rockwell Automation with General Monitors’ advanced gas and flame field devices and a variety of third party smoke detectors, thermal detectors, and audible and visual alarm devices. It is easily scalable, making it suitable for small systems to large plant-wide applications. Up to 13 local gas and fire alarm panels can operate over a redundant media, fault tolerant network of up to 25 kilometers in length. The system’s local and network communication equipment utilizes Allen-Bradley’s ControlNet™, a widely used high-speed, industrially hardened control and communication protocol.

The HazardWatch System features a standalone local fire and gas alarm panel with a color touch screen with an easy-to-use, human-machine interface (HMI). Optional HazardWatch panels can be networked using HazardNet to an FM approved HazardView Central Station Computer for central station monitoring. The system’s optional HazardNet dual media (coaxial cable or fiber optic) fault tolerant communications network supports communication between the local HazardWatch gas and flame panels and optional HazardView HMI. The HazardView Central Station computer is equipped with an FM approved, AC powered UPS in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 72.

HazardWatch supports MODBUS, Ethernet or ControlNet communication for interfacing with DCS or ESD systems. Integration with third party devices such as horns, beacons, smoke detectors and suppression systems is flexible, simple and reliable. HazardWatch comes complete with a power supply and battery back-up system that complies with NFPA 72 standards.

HazardWatch is ideal for a broad range of monitoring applications in demanding industries. It is designed for use in oil/gas production, petrochemical refining, LNG & LPG plants and pipelines, electric power generation, flammable material warehouse and storage facilities, automotive plants and any industry where fire or hydrocarbon vapors are a potential threat.

Combining the expertise of proven industry leaders in safety and automation, HazardWatch is a powerful and flexible safety solution. You can count on HazardWatch to ensure the safety of your plant, equipment and personnel.

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  HazardWatch System.
Click here for more information about NFPA72.

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