Automatic Remote Gas Calibrator (ARGC)Remote Gas Calibration Now Made Easier

Calibrating General Monitors S4000CH Combustible Gas Detectors is now easier than ever with the new Automatic Remote Gas Calibrator (ARGC). Because several gases that are the byproduct of petroleum production are lighter than air, it is common to install combustible gas monitors in ceilings, turbines, ducts, and other spaces where gas accumulation occurs. Performing routine maintenance on these devices is often difficult, requiring scaffolding, ladders, or lifts to bring the technicians to the sensors. If the detector is in a confined space – in a pit, for example – a special permit may be needed to access the device. Invariably, maintenance is hardly routine in these cases. The ARGC addresses these problems by allowing calibration gas to be applied to the catalytic bead sensor from easily accessible locations.

The ARGC blocks ambient air and re-directs the calibration gas to the catalytic bead sensor for calibration or testing sensor accuracy. The instrument can calibrate gases at wind velocities as high as 50 mph and maximum temperatures of 75°C. After connecting the ARGC to any S4000CH Detector, the calibrator can be operated electronically via HART or Modbus. The ARGC consists of a Remote Gas Calibrator (RGC) and a solenoid valve, as shown above.

The ARGC is available in three configurations

RGC only
Allows for remote gas calibration with the calibration gas applied manually. This option can be used on any GM catalytic bead sensor.

ARGC with S4000CH
The ARGC is directly connected to the S4000CH. Gas can be applied manually or automatically via HART or Modbus.

ARGC with Remote Junction Box and S4000CH
The ARGC is connected to a remote junction box and sensor and then connected to an S4000CH. Gas can be applied manually or automatically via HART or Modbus.

As shown above, the ARGC can only be actuated by a magnet menu, HART, or Modbus when used with the S4000CH. But for full automated operation from a control room, the two bidirectional protocols (HART and Modbus) are the only means.

Whether used to perform remote calibration by hand or automatically, the ARGC and the S4000CH are a powerful combination. Together they allow operators to calibrate sensors from the ground or in the convenience of a control room, reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, they reduce the need for planned shutdowns and special work permits. Routine maintenance truly becomes routine. Convenience promotes regulatory compliance, better record keeping (with S4000CH tools like event logging), and control over an array of combustible gas detectors.

The ARGC and RGC are suitable for a wide range of facilities including drilling rigs, compressor stations, refineries, aircraft hangars, and warehouses.

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