FM Approves Breakthrough FL4000 Multi-Spectral Infrared (MSIR) Flame Detector

Fire monitoring and detection is one of the single most important safety challenges in all facilities involved with the production, refining and distribution of oil, natural gas and petrochemicals. Fire is also a critical threat in many other industries, including automotive, food/beverage, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, printing, textiles, warehousing and more. Our advanced FL4000 Multi-Spectral Infrared (MSIR) Flame Detector has now been certified by Factory Mutual (FM) for application in these types of hazardous environments.

Combining MSIR sensing and neural network technology (NNT), the FL4000 gives process and plant engineers a potent tool in protecting people, equipment and facilities from dangerous hydrocarbon flame sources. The FL4000 provides highly reliable flame monitoring with superior false alarm immunity, an exceptionally wide field of view (100° at 100 feet) and the industry’s longest detection range (up to 230 feet). For example, the FL4000 provides false alarm immunity to arc welding as close as 5-15 feet. It offers exceptional performance and reliability while minimizing operational costs associated with unreliable flame detection due to false alarms.

In addition to these features and FM certification, the FL4000 has also been certified by several other global organizations for use in rugged or hazardous environments. The FL4000 has been certified by ATEX and CSA, and as SIL 3 suitable, further underscoring the FL4000’s solid design and performance.

The advanced MSIR sensor array in the FL4000 allows the detector to sample different IR spectral areas to detect a flame. Each sensor’s analog signal is sampled and then converted into digital format for initial signal pre-processing to extract time and frequency information. The time and frequency information are used by the FL4000’s proprietary neural network classification algorithm to identify if input IR signals are emitted from a flame or non-flame source. The flame or non-flame decision is then reported as an output via LEDs, relays, and MODBUS.

Protecting gas compressor decks with the FL4000 reduces their vulnerability to false alarms while enhancing reliability. Compressor decks are at high risk for fires because of a combination of heat, pressure and vibration, which can cause product leakage and ignition. The compressor seals and bearings are the most likely areas for fire and therefore must be monitored with flame detectors. The FL4000 is the ideal solution for compressor deck flame monitoring because of its highly precise MSIR flame sensing and neural network technology.

The FL4000’s ability to differentiate spectral radiation emitted by actual flames from that emitted by background ambient radiation is exceptional. This differentiation is extremely crucial, as failure to do so results in either undetected fires, or more commonly, nuisance false alarms that cause shut-downs, time-consuming re-start activities and extra paperwork.

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  FL4000 MSIR Flame Detector.

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  MSIR/NNT and the FL4000 Flame Detector.

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