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New Advanced IR400 Detector For Single- or Multi-Point Combustible Gas Monitoring

New Advanced IR400 Detector For Single- or Multi-Point Combustible Gas MonitoringHydrocarbon gas leaks are a life-threatening hazard that can also damage equipment and plant infrastructure. Combustible gas leak monitoring is therefore essential for industrial operations where hydrocarbon releases can occur.

Our new Model IR400 Infrared Gas Detector provides an early warning when a specified concentration of gas is exceeded. The IR400 is equipped with 4-20 mA analog output, HART, and Modbus, and features faster calibrations and more calibrations per gas cylinder than our previous IR detector, the Model IR2100. Through Modbus and HART, users can access device configuration, warning and alarm, fault, and maintenance records. Additionally, users of the IR400 can also monitor gas concentration, check status, and perform device diagnostics in real time.

The IR400 features an advanced design that includes heated optics to eliminate condensation and a dirty optics indicator for fail safe operation. The detector also consumes less power than its predecessor and requires no routine calibration, a feature that reduces demand for field technician time.

Versatility With Configuration Flexibility
In addition to the IR400 Point IR Gas Detector, we also have designed the new IR4000M Multi-Point and IR4000S Single-Point Monitors. Both feature a three-digit LED display and user interface for the IR400. The IR4000S Single-Point Monitor is a direct replacement for our Field Mounted Display (FMD), a four digit backlit LCD readout. It is also backwards compatible with the legacy IR2100 and has optional 8-Amp relays and Modbus. The IR4000S is well suited for simple applications, where single point gas detection is required.

In contrast, the IR4000M Multi-Point Monitor can be used as an integrated, explosion-proof gas detection system, with capacity to connect up to eight IR400 detectors. The IR4000M can also perform gas checks and zero and full span calibrations on several IR400s. The combined IR4000M / IR400 system is ideal for supervising compressor stations, LNG / LPG processing and storage facilities, oil production platforms, refineries, pipelines, electric power generation plants, hangars, and wastewater treatment facilities.

The IR400 and IR4000 are certified to CSA, FM, ATEX, and IECEx standards and have the CE Marking.

Download the IR400/IR4000 system brochure, IR400 data sheet, and IR4000 data sheet.

Why use infrared gas detection? Read our whitepaper, IR vs. Catalytic Gas Detectors

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